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Raising a future Beckham?

Three Faces of Soccer, Beckham, Ballack, Terry

Facial Similarities Among Soccer Stars

The photo above is of three well known British Soccer players. At this time, Ballack and Terry are playing in Group One of the 2010 FIFA worldcup while Beckham sits on the sidelines nursing an injury. All three players are known for their footwork on the field and lucrative contracts with the teams they play for. Beckham will earn $4.3 million this year playing for AC Milan, Ballack $5.6 million and $6.5 million at Chelsea in England.

Aside from their fancy footwork and enviable bank accounts what else do these super stars of British Soccer have in common? Look at their faces…

In her first book “The Wisdom of Your Face“, Jean Haner explores the patterns on peoples faces and discusses what it says about our personality and nature. Jean is a┬ánon judgemental visionary who has taught me and thousands of students to appreciate every bump and wrinkle on our faces.

In her latest book, published last week, “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face” Jean teaches parents how to feel more empowered raising their children. When a parent understands the facial characteristics of their child and discovers what this means, it gives the parent more confidence to know how to make their child feel loved, safe and recognized for who they truly are.

So, if you think you might be raising a future soccer star, here are some facial characteristics I spotted which describe a personality archetype.

  1. Well defined jaw line
  2. Strong eyebrows
  3. Indented temples
  4. Strong brow bone

If you have a child like this, you already know you are dealing with a high energy exuberant child who loves to do things. They thrive on competition, love to win, are quick to anger and capable of great benevolence and discipline.

So if you think you are raising a budding Beckham, here are some things you might do to nurture their true nature.

Redirect the energy into purposeful meaningful activities. Avoid trying to shut them down just because they have more energy than you. Provide structure and give them tasks or errands to do. Allow them to participate in sporting activities. Reward them often. Don’t blow up when they do, stay calm. Lastly, if you read this far, and found the facial wisdom fascinating go read Jeans Book “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face“. Your child will thank you.