Sally Grisedale

Sally Grisedale is a design strategist who helps firms determine what design decisions to make and implement—and why. She also works with firms around how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long term.

As CEO of HGD Environmental Design Consultants, Sally develops healthy and sustainable living and working environments, providing businesses a competitive advantage and individuals the freedom to pursue their goals.

As Senior Director of Product Design at Yahoo!, Sally was responsible for all visual and interaction designers company-wide, helping define a culture of design innovation and user-centered best practices. Under her design leadership, the popular websites News, Movies, TV, Astrology, Finance, Games, and Music all became top web destinations. Recognized by the CTO for her leadership ability, Sally was rewarded with a sponsorship to the Harvard Executive Program, AIGA Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders.

At Excite@Home, Sally led the design and development of Internet applications during the early days of the web. Sally prototyped new products, including the design of a new generation of mobile applications and broadband media websites for music, news, and photographs. She created cross- company website design standards to improve advertising opportunities and create a more consistent user experience across the network.

Sally’s experience with Studio Archetype Design Consultants (now part of Sapient) included leading the Interaction Design group in establishing new interface design standards and designing interactivity into client systems. She designed the interaction experience of the Kodak Photo CD, enabling Kodak to see itself as a consumer-friendly digital photography company—a business model far different than selling rolls of camera film.

Sally began her work in high tech at Apple’s Advanced Technology Group, where she led an interdisciplinary team in researching and prototyping new product concepts that were both user-inspired and technology-led.

Sally was part of an Apple team that worked with the government of India to study healthcare workers in rural Rajasthan. This work informed the design of a product that captured census and healthcare data and represented a potential $9 million sale of Apple’s mobile technology to a developing market.

With no preset rules for designing in a harsh, rural environment where users were not native English speakers, Sally developed communication tools to explain the project to users, sponsors, and the team. The video documentary, “Padma’s Story: A Day in the Life or a Rural Indian Healthcare Worker,” was invaluable in communicating the context and environment to partners, sponsors, and subsequent generations of those studying mobile computing in emerging markets.

Educated at the Royal College of Art , Sally graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Related Design, now called “Design Interactions.” She won several awards for her work, including the Apple Student Design Competition, which led to her joining Apple Inc.

Sally received a first class bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Design from the University of Westminster, where she was encouraged to develop an awareness and understanding of the social contexts and environmental responsibilities of design.

Her final year project, “Trading Numbers,” a training video for new staff at the London Stock Exchange (LSE), won a Royal Society of Arts National Design Competition. The project helped staff develop a greater understanding of the abstract world of financial trading practices, based on Sally’s experience at Union Bank of Switzerland Securities at the LSE.

Sally received a prestigious internship with the design firm Banks and Miles, where she worked in Hamburg redesigning the airport. She was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and awarded a medal for Graphic Design from the Chartered Society of Designers.

Sally’s other design work includes an internship with the BBC, working for Bernard Heyes on designing title sequences for TV shows, and the National Theater, working for Michael Mayhew on the design of theater publicity material.

Throughout her career, Sally has dedicated herself to identifying communication strategies and using her design skills to enrich peoples’ lives by enabling them to be better informed about the world around them. Since 2006, she has studied the art and science of Chinese metaphysics, using observations of the natural world to inform the design of a life, home, or business. These skills have provided her with a new lens for assessing and addressing divergent needs and developing strategic and innovative solutions. Sally shares her insights on design, innovation, and the environment at her website wisewomansally.

Sally enjoys offering her design strategy services to non-profit foundations, including Habitat for Humanity and the Rainbow World Fund. She lives in the Bay Area, where she indulges a keen interest in gardening and yoga. In her free time, she can be found wandering in the California Redwood groves.


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